We Fix Everything-Including the Kitchen Sink

Trust our team for reliable plumbing repair work in Charleston, WV

Is your sink backing up again? Before you grab another bottle of drain cleaner off the shelf, talk to a plumber at JP Maintenance. We offer plumbing repair services throughout the Charleston, WV area. Count on us to clear your clogged drain, repair your leaky faucet and fix that faulty toilet.

If the problem goes deeper, you can depend on us for fast and effective sewer line repair.

Get a long-term solution to a persistent problem by calling 304-546-8025 for plumbing repair work today.

Save money by updating your plumbing appliances

Save money by updating your plumbing appliances

Tired of your high water bill? Newer plumbing fixtures typically use less water, saving you money. Plumbing updates also include general maintenance and repair services to help your fixtures operate efficiently.

JP Maintenance handles...

  • Water heater repair services: Extend the life of your water heater with regular maintenance and repair work.
  • Toilet replacements: Get rid of your water-wasting toilet and install an eco-friendly version in its place.
  • Shower installations: Start showering in comfort with a luxurious walk-in shower.
Remember, the longer you ignore a plumbing problem, the worse it'll get. Call our office in Charleston, West Virginia for a water heater repair appointment right away.