Is Your Bathroom Inspiring?

Why you should schedule a bathroom remodel in Charleston, WV

Your bathroom is one of the first things you see in the morning. Shouldn't it be a comfortable space? Work with Charleston, WV's top bathroom remodel team to add new fixtures, reroute plumbing, update your vanity and replace your flooring.

Discuss your bathroom remodel ideas with a technician from JP Maintenance by calling 304-546-8025 right away.

Revive your fading kitchen with a remodel

Revive your fading kitchen with a remodel

Is your kitchen getting bland and boring? JP Maintenance can help you liven things up with a kitchen remodel. Work with our remodeling team to update your kitchen's

  • Countertops: Isn't it time you replaced that scratched surface with something you'll love to look at?
  • Cabinetry: There's no faster way to change the look of your kitchen than by replacing the cabinets.
  • Flooring: Imagine how easy cleaning your kitchen would be with water-resistant vinyl flooring.
Set up a kitchen remodel consultation by calling our Charleston, WV location today.